founders of the collection

Doris Bartlett and Beth Waterman, founders of the Angling Collection

How to Donate

The Jerry Bartlett Memorial Angling Collection at the Phoencia Library accepts donations of books and angling artifacts (especially those that relate to the Esopus or other nearby streams) to rebuild the collection that was destroyed when the library was gutted by fire in March 2011. Established in 1996, the Angling Collection included more than 800 books, 18 fishing rods and many treasured artifacts, almost all of which were lost in the fire. Since then, the Anglers' Parlor has reopened in the completely renovated Phoencia Library on Main Street in Phoenicia, NY.

Unlike many other "special collections," the Jerry Bartlett Angling Collection is open to all browsers, and anyone with a valid Mid-Hudson Library System universal borrowing card can take out books or fishing rods.

Financial contributions and donations of books are welcome. Financial contributions should be specified for “The Jerry Bartlett Memorial Angling Collection” and mailed to PO Box 222, Shandaken, NY 12480, or delivered to the library. Books on the following “wish list” are those we don't currently have, but would like to obtain for the collection; these can be sent to or delivered directly to the library. We will need to screen books not on the wish list in order to avoid duplication of titles, so please get in touch with us first to discuss the books you'd like to donate. For more information, please contact Beth Waterman, 845-254-4116.

Angling Collection “Wish List”

  • Anderson, Gary   Atlantic Salmon, Fact and Fancy
  • Baker Jr., R. Palmer   The Sweet of the Year–1965
  • Bilger, Burkhard   Noodling for Flatheads
  • Black, George   Casting a Spell
  • Bruns, Henry   Angling Books of the Americas
  • Cross, Rube   Complete Fly Tier
  • Darbee, Harry   The Compact Book of Fisherman's Tricks, Tips and Hints
  • Flick, Art   All you Need to Know about Classic Catskill Flies and How to Tie Them
  • Goodspeed, Charles E.   Angling in America
  • Grove, Alvin   Lure and Lore of Trout Fishing
  • Halford, Fredrick M.   The Dry Fly Man's Handbook
  • Halford, Fredrick M.   Modern Development of the Fry Fly
  • Harding   The Fly Fisher and the Trout's Point of View
  • Heffernan, Terry   Fly Fishing Tales
  • Hewitt, E.R.   Those were the Days
  • Hoffman, Richard   Fisher's Craft and Lettered Art
  • Holden, George Parker   The Idyll of the Split Bamboo
  • Holden, George Parker   Streamcraft: An Angling Manual
  • Ingraham, Henry Andrew   American Trout Streams
  • Inman, Diane K.   The Fine Art of Angling
  • Johnson, Arthur Tysillo   In the Land of the Beautiful Trout
  • LaFontaine, Gary   The Dry Fly
  • Leisenring, Jim   Art of Tying the Wet Fly
  • Marbury, Mary Orvis   Favorite Flies
  • McDonald, John (ed.)   The Complete Flyfisher: The Notes and Letters of Theodore Gordon
  • McPhee, John   The Founding Fish
  • Middleton, Harry   The Earth is Enough
  • Migdalski, Edward C. and Fichter, George S.   Fresh and Saltwater Fishes of the World
  • Nemes, Sylvester   Soft Hackled Fly Imitations
  • Ovington, Ray   How to Take a Trout on Wet Flies & Nymphs
  • Ross, John   Rivers of Restoration
  • Schwiebert, Ernie   TROUT
  • Skues, G.E.M.   Way of a Trout with a Fly
  • Skues, G.E.M.   Minor Tactics of the Chalk Stream
  • Skues, G.E.M.   Nymph Fishing for Chalk Stream Trout
  • Stewart, Dick   The Practical Angler
  • Traver, Robert   Anatomy of a Fisherman
  • Webster, H.T.   The Best of H.T. Webster
  • West, Leonard   The Trout Fly
  • White, T.H.   England Have my Bones
  • Whitlock, Dave   Guide to Aquatic Trout Flies
  • Zotos   Deep Trout